Investing with the FNFA’s Pooled Investment Funds is easy and quick. There is no need to speak to a bank or to visit a branch. Accounts can be activated within 24-hours of the FNFA receiving the completed forms. To subscribe for units in the funds, a First Nation must enroll and become a subscriber by completing an Application for Enrollment form, an Electronic Withdrawal and Deposit Authorization form and a Specimen Signature form.

Originals of the completed forms should be sent to the FNFA. Note: The Client Profile form should include the original signatures of all staff members who are authorized to subscribe, redeem, or transfer units in the Funds. CIBC Mellon uses this form to authenticate the signatures on the faxes sent to its office.

As soon as the relevant information has been provided, FNFA will fax a confirmation of enrolment and you may begin to invest monies. This fax will contain the confidential CIBC pass-code information you need to conduct transactions on your new account. Detailed instructions for subscription and redemption will be made available.

Throughout the process, FNFA staff, a phone call away, will be available to assist you.